Friday, June 30, 2006

Domestics - Love 'em or hate 'em?

It's funny how alot of officers dread the words "Unit to attend....domestic incident" over the PR. Suddenly the radio goes dead. There is pin drop silence. And then the words, "(your callsign) are you free to deal?" are heard and unfortunately, you are. Now *deep breath* I'm trying to learn to not dislike domestics. 'Are you crazy?', you're probably all thinking. Possibly, and if so, crazy like a fox! (I always wanted to say those words, looks like I'll just have to settle for typing them instead.) I know the general concensus is that all domestics are just plain grief. Well, all those that can't just be squared up that is. In fact, on Another Constables blog, Political Uniform goes through the amount of paper work that we have to deal with and this is even if no-one's arrested. With an arrest, you have to do your notes as well. Well, it got me it really that bad? OK, the paperwork.
1. You have to do the paper report. - There's a section for the Victim/Witness statement for a brief holding statement. So you do this at the scene. You can also do the medical consent form at this time.
2. Pictures. - You call for a camera and if no one can bring one, then just record the injuries on the paper form along with the fact that there was no camera available.
3. 2 computer reports - you can just copy and paste from the crime report to the intelligence report and then make slight alterations.
4. One computer report per child present. - Just put on one report for the main child and then stick all the others in the Other Roles. Unfortunately no copy and paste available.
5. Arrest notes. - As per usual.
Step 1 is similar to recording details in your pocket book, just more detailed. The rest of the steps also have to be done for most incidents except step 4. BUT, and this is the big but, if your domestic meets the remit, then the Community Safety Unit get to take it over! How can we not like this? We don't have to justify the arrest as its a positive arrest policy, infact, we have to justify if we don't make an arrest and there's an arrest figure in it for you. It sounds win-win doesn't it? Then why do I still hate domestics?

PS. We had another raid a few days ago. This time it was at a brothel. We'd received a call saying that the informant was being held against her will. So a couple of days later, within about 2 hours, a raid was planned. It involved walking to the venue as it was just down the road from the nick(and I never even knew!) and knocking and going in. It was a bit of an anti-climax(!) but I got to see the inside. There were two girls there and neither of them had called us. The decor was, dare I say it, tasteful, but then I'm a bloke so what do I know? There were mirrors on the ceiling and all. The most surprising thing was the price. For an hour is more than I get a day! Now, granted the girls may not get alot of it but thats still a large hourly rate. Anyway, the upshot was that nothing happened apart from experience gained.


Anonymous Another Constable said...

{quote]Anyway, the upshot was that nothing happened apart from experience gained.[/quote]

What experience was that?! :-o

As for domestics, I had one tonight that I knew was never going anywhere. Spent 5 hours on it for CPS to "refuse charge".

Jul 3, 2006, 2:47:00 AM  
Blogger PC PotShot said...

The experience that some one's charging 160 of our British Pounds for services rendered! And some one's getting the major share of that.

I'm glad we have the CSU to take over domestics. It sweetens the bitter pill.

Jul 5, 2006, 12:23:00 PM  

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