Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a feeling!

So, I've finally passed by probation period. Two years.....It seemed like is was going to be such a long time. The weird thing is that it didn't feel like two years. It felt way quicker. I remember when I went for my one year review as if it were only a few months ago. In fact, I now have over two and a half years in.

So, what did the transmogrification from Probationary Constable to Police Constable feel like? Well, it was indescribable. The overwhelming confidence and knowledge brimming over like an overflowing glass. The complete assurance that could only come from being an 'old sweat' now that I was almost one.
In fact, it felt nothing like the above. It was just like another day. Two years came and went and I didn't feel anything, except the warm sun on my face when I went back on duty after my confirmation.

I still feel like I don't know enough, that I need a few more years until I feel as confident as I look. I constantly check my actions and scrutinise my decisions and take nothing for granted. How long can I last like this? Roll on the day that I feel comfortable in most of my job decisions and KNOW that they are the right thing to do.