Friday, January 09, 2009

Hello. Anyone there? Its Police…

My God it’s been a long time! I’m going to use the age-old excuse of being very busy. You know that excuse, you use it all the time so why not now? Anyway, I’m not even going to say that I will try and post more regularly as to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to deliver!

So, what’s new? Not much, apart from Princess starting full time school. That leaves me a lot more time to do all those things that I need to, like the house work (computer games), DIY (computer games) and the cooking (I said computer games!) and maybe some computer games….

I may even start swotting up for a go at the Sergeant’s exam some time in the near future. Now isn’t that scary? I hope everyone had a great Festive period. I certainly did, lots of food and alcohol! (Bugger, better stick ‘getting fitter’ on the list, now that I have more time.)

Signing off till the next time.